Need to know tips to heal your gut and improve IBS NHS websites won’t tell you

Treating the symptoms rather than the root of the problem can leave you trapped in a constant cycle of constipation, diarrhoea, and tummy pain. You might feel like you’ll never have a normal bowel movement again!


Malabsorption – where are the nutrients that you eat ending up?

What exactly is malabsorption? Why is it more common in older people? How do you know if you have it? And what steps can you take to get the right nutrients back into your body quickly?

Glutathione benefits - why it’s beauty’s best kept secret

Glutathione benefits – why it’s beauty’s best kept secret

Have you heard of glutathione? Maybe you’ve used it to detox, or give your energy levels and immune system a lift? But did you know that glutathione is now being…

Younger children’s mental health - When to worry and how to help

Younger children’s mental health – When to worry and how to help

Are you worried about how the last couple of years has affected your children’s mental health? While life is slowly returning to normal, there’s still a lot for young minds to process

5 a day

5 a day? Food myths busted

5 a day? Food myths busted. From red meat, to dairy, eggs and salt, the science behind what you should and shouldn’t eat to feel well.

Work in Progress

Personal goals for the New Year – Aim for progress over perfection

Happy New Year! Did you make any resolutions, or have you got some personal goals in mind to make 2022 your best year yet? According to research by YouGov, around…

Winter Skincare Routine

Skin care for dry skin – How to look after it in the winter months

December’s here, hurrah! Christmas, cosy knits, and nights by the fire. But have you found your skin isn’t looking as radiant as you’d like? Icy winds and the mercury dipping…

Health and wellbeing thankful

How giving thanks can improve your health and wellbeing

Why does feeling thankful improve our health and wellbeing? What gratitude does to body and mind and ways to bring thankfulness into every day life.

Anxiety coping mechanisms

How to deal with stress using anxiety coping mechanisms

How to deal with stress using anxiety coping mechanisms

help with adhd

How to help with ADHD – How to support those around you

What is ADHD and how could it affect you and your family? Practical tips on how to help with ADHD and how to support those around you.

teenage mental illness

Teenage mental illness – Best ways to support

This World Mental Health Day we’re focusing on teens. Why? Because last year, the Children’s Society revealed around one in six teens are believed to have a mental health problem. Their research also showed that in the last three years, the likelihood of young people suffering from teenage mental illness had increased by 50%.

Kids health

Back to school! 6 ways to keep your kids healthy this year

Just like that, the summer holidays are over and it’s time for a new school term for the kids. Bubbles and self-isolation are out, for now, with education chiefs promising…


Bestsellers with benefits: how our most popular vitamin patches can help you

Did you know the UK spent a massive £431 million on vitamins last year? If that wasn’t enough of an eye-opener, it’s estimated that the worldwide vitamin market is now…

hrt patches menopause

Let’s talk menopause, and how can HRT patches help?

Are you constantly exhausted and finding it hard to concentrate? Have you found yourself struggling to sleep at night and feeling hot and flushed at all the wrong times? Maybe…

age proofing yourself

How to future-proof your health as you age

Are you a firm believer that ‘age ain’t nothing but a number’? Or does it seem like you’ve earned every one of those birthday candles? However you feel, life expectancy…

Gut Health Foods

5 ways to improve gut health and nourish your microbiome

Good gut health is fast becoming a wellbeing priority for millions of us. To see evidence of this, you only need to look at the global probiotics market, valued at…

collagen supplement patches

Collagen supplements – The ultimate beauty booster?

When it comes to maintaining youthful, plump, glowing skin, are you looking for that holy grail? Something non-invasive, natural, and hassle-free? Skincare brands and aesthetics practitioners make some pretty bold…

Brain Nootropics

Staying sane through lockdown 3: Six ways to keep focused and look after your mental health

Can you believe almost a year has passed since the first lockdown? In theory, living through these strange times should be second nature by now, but lockdown fatigue, the never-ending…

Immune system

Healthy habits – what your daily routine should include to boost immunity and wellbeing

With Covid-19 continuing to loom large in our lives, immunity and our ability to fight illness remains firmly in the spotlight.  Vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc and the microbiome have…

Christmas health tips for vitamin patches

How to survive the festive season of Christmas (in strange times)

A Covid-19 Christmas will be different to a ‘normal’ one in many ways. However, we suspect the usual stresses this time of year can bring will still be there. Our gift to you is some health tips and vitamin patch suggestions that will keep you feeling well and at your best


Six lifestyle changes to make your menopause manageable

In the UK we’re behind the curve of the US and Europe in taking responsibility for our own health, but when it comes to looking after yourself, you have to be your own advocate. As you enter your 40’s it’s well worth asking your GP for a general health check

seven ways a vitamin patch can help

Seven ways a vitamin patch can improve your health and wellbeing

Vitamin supplements won’t make you immortal (sorry!), but, giving your body more of what it needs can help you to stay healthy by keeping your immune system in tip top condition.


Which Supplements Are Best For Summer Workouts?

Iron can be a game changer when it comes to breaking through your plateau, but there are many other vitamins and minerals you can take to ensure all systems are at go. Lots of athletes swear by taking the B complex of vitamins, because they are essential in the function of metabolic pathways in the body.

Summer health: your guide to which supplements are best to take in the summer months and why.

Later nights, not eating your regular diet and drinking more alcohol can cause you to become rundown. If you find you’re suffering from things like fatigue, mouth ulcers and cold sores, that’s probably what’s going on. Cleaning up your diet, cutting down on the booze and trying to clock in the ‘holy grail’ eight hours of sleep a night, will get you back on track.

immune system apple

How To Boost The Immune System To Protect Ourselves

We have no better defence against viruses than a healthy immune system. Vitamins and supplements have been proven to help support our immunity and are a cheap and accessible way for us to protect ourselves. Our lifestyles also have a powerful effect on our immunity.

B12 Patches for B12 Deficiency

B12 Patches, B12 Injections, Orals, Losenges? Which to choose?

B12 is a hot topic at the moment, especially as some of those who usually get injections can’t during this covid lockdown.

B12 deficiency can have a big impact on our well being. The symptom it’s most famous for is fatigue, but deficiency can also manifest in many other ways…

Why we’re passionate about what we do:

The short story is, I was in America and these vitamin patches were recommended to me. I tried them and they were better than the oral vitamins I’d been taking. I carried on getting them shipped in from America when I got home, but that was a pain in the bum. I contacted the manufacturer about buying at trade and I’m now their distributor in the UK (and EU).

Think You’re Healthy With A ‘One Size Fits All’ Diet? Think Again. ‘Suck It And See’ Is Where It’s At

New Year = being bamboozled from every which way by what we SHOULD be eating. Veganism is hurling the most at me this year, it seems to have taken over the ‘on trend’ pedestal from Paleo. Chowing down on a grass fed steak for breakfast is so 2014, silken tofu is where it’s now at!